SOC certificate

Document Quality Enhancement Services

1.Track record of delivering over 30,000 financial statements covering various geographies, GAAPs, and languages, notably English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German

2.Staffed with over 30 resources in various locations offering services related to document creation, typesetting, template design, InDesign work, proofreading, document comparison, graphical and analytical design, financial summary creation, and infographics

3.Leverages our two decades of expertise in using design tools such as Photoshop and other advanced utilities


  • Understand client specifications for the output document
  • Crystallise client requirements on output document format and style, covering template design, infographics, and data
  • Receive documents from the client in pre-agreed formats; for example, in MS Excel
  • Modify as per the requirement of the client covering the parameters agreed upon
  • Complete proofreading of the document to confirm whether the modifications are in accordance with what is agreed with the client
  • Deliver draft document to the client
  • Incorporate changes suggested by the client
  • Deliver the final document to the client