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Vendor/Investor Due Diligence (VDD)

  • Potential buyers, whether private individuals or companies or financial institutions primarily focus on the financial health & other aspects of the company they are looking to acquire or invest in. Also we have the capability to conduct Investor due diligence including PEP/FATF/OECD checks
  • Our team of experts follow robust processes and exhaustive checks to ensure stated goals of our clients is achieved
  • The due diligence report provides detailed section on each topic researched as well as the final Summary/Overview on the findings
  • We ensure that the due diligence report includes the source from where the information/findings have been reported

Some of the areas covered under the standard due diligence report includes the following:

  • Company Background details including Shareholders, Key Management etc.
  • Country specific risks, regulatory risks etc.
  • Negative media findings (if any)
  • Litigation findings including any lawsuit records found (if any)
  • PEP/FATF/OECD searches