SOC certificate

Digital Investor Onboarding Process

  • Digitize Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), Contribution Agreement (CA) and Application Form (including nomination form, FATCA CRS form, UBO form)
  • Onboard multiple types of investors - Individuals, Non-Individuals, Resident and Non-Resident Investors
  • Provide log-in facility for distributors/relationship managers
  • Enable form filling over multiple sessions using autosave feature to save previously entered information

Capture data from the Application Form and generate CA

Provide Upload facility for KYC documents

Enable document signing using Doodle, DSC and Aadhar E-sign (OTP based) via Basiz Master Draft Software of the CA and PPM at three levels

  • Investor
  • Fund Manager
  • Trustee

The various steps in the process are

Enable the distributor/ investor to fill in the easy-paced tabular data required
Upload the necessary documents
Generate the contribution agreement for the signature of the investor
Send the signed copy to all parties
Enable the fund manager and trustee to sign digitally
Send confirmation to investors on signing
Enable the investor to sign digitally