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Basiz, has reached soaring heights not only due its high end and specialized fund accounting services, strong processes and state of art technologies it possesses, but due to its dedicated team of Executives, Managers and support staff. Without the motivated efforts of our team, the modern technology cannot function at its peak and Basiz might not have been able to provide the high quality products it has been providing to its customers in the international and domestic market.

This is why Human Resource department is a fundamental core of Basiz. Basiz values its employees and makes sure that they work in a healthily competitive and safe environment, with modern amenities and benefits. To take care of its team of employees, Basiz works on developing and managing their talent and providing a chance to learn and develop their career, through the Human Resources Desk.

The Talent Management team from the Human Resources Desk recruits and retains the most skilled professionals, to maintain the company's growth and retain its position as a market leader. To do so, The Human Resource Desk motivates and engages new skills, and develops them by ensuring that:

Apart from recognizing and promoting skilled professionals, Basiz also allows its employees to continuously learn new skills and attain knowledge, improving their performance both inside and outside the company. This is done through various internal development programs, which have attained an important position in the continuous growth of the company as a whole.

Basiz prides itself in bringing its new recruits up to the high standards it has based itself on. Skills are recognized and mapped through profiling tests from the Human Resources Desk. The strength of each employee is developed by training and with an approach that integrates modern teaching methods with interactive sessions. No one is left behind, as each employee is allowed to grasp and develop skills to the maximum extent. We at Basiz are always on the lookout for the best talents within the accounting and finance industry and strive towards improved growth and a richer customer experience.

Basiz is owned by original promoter, family & Ops Global International, Singapore.

We are always on the lookout for recruitment of talented individuals.Send your resume to and we will connect with you as per the openings.