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About us

Corporate Overview

We have state of the art technologies and professionally qualified teams handling assignments relating to AUA over USD 18 Billion. Having processed more than 20000+ financial statements and thousands of NAV processes of divergent nature, with high level of complexities, we have an extensive knowledge pool capable of handling even the most challenging situations and bringing results to your table. Basiz specializes in a variety of accounting standards and instrument structures.We also have multilingual skills – we process statements based on data received in English, French, Italian, Hebrew and German languages and have the ability to source skill sets in other languages to provide the necessary customer support. Powered with many decades of rich professional man years of experience, represented by 120 + professionals, Basiz is poised to grow to greater heights in the domain of fund and general accounting as a market leader. Professionally qualified, knowledge centric processing teams made up of over 20% of Chartered Accountants and 30% MBAs; Job training and experience being the key capability indicators for client executives at Basiz.

Management Philosophy

The Basiz Leadership team has nurtured an environment of hard work and mutually beneficial relationships at all levels. Coupled with professional excellence, diligent quality consciousness, and ever improving knowledge base, Basiz believes in dynamic process improvement and training philosophies. Our in-depth knowledge of Fund Accounting, complemented by our bespoke techniques, produces uniform results across the board and our 180-degree vision that connects every employee from a client perspective to an operations perspective. Our self-managed teams are mentored to take decisions at different levels. We have clear-cut goals, expectations and transparent monitoring.


Basiz commenced operations in 2006 thanks to the vision of the Managing Director, Mr. A.V. Seshadrinathan of being a quality service provider in the fund administration and accounting industry.   Sesh is a Bachelor of Commerce from Mumbai University & Chartered Accountant from ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) with 25 years of post-qualification experience.

Sesh commenced his career with the financial services industry in India and moved on to specialize in fund accounting and fund administration. He has been in the International Fund Accounting & Administration Industry from 1997. He got involved with fund accounting and administration with Fortis Fund Services subsidiary of Fortis Bank (Headquartered in the Benelux region) in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles focusing on the offshore funds.

Sesh also worked with PFPC Inc. in Wilmington, Delaware, specializing in onshore fund administration for the US market. Earlier, Sesh was with InterPro Global (a Maryland USA based BPO) with interests in Mutual Fund Industry back office processing based out of Chennai, India. Sesh is credited with the outsourcing of financial statements globally.

When Basiz commenced operations, it had a single office in Chennai, India.  We have come a long way since then and currently service clients all over the world with personnel on the ground in India (Mumbai, Chennai and Gandhinagar), Singapore, US and Bahrain.

Down the line, Basiz attracted the attention of a leading private equity firm who remained invested in Basiz for almost 10 years. It was in 2018 that the firm exited most of its investment by means of a share purchase by the original founders by which time the PE fund had realized its return on its investment in Basiz.

We now have a strategic relationship with Opsglobal International Group, Singapore and have ambitions plans of diversifying into new areas of business and new geographies.