Yes, we care for our business and our environment. Sustainability and love for the environment is a part of the work ethic at Basiz. Go Green was our motto right at the outset.

And no, we do not do lip service.

At Basiz, the green initiative is about making even the impossible, possible.

We have an almost paper printing free office

If you wish to know more about our ‘green’ activities, please feel free to get in touch with us.

We started this way back in 2007 when corporates had a standard practice of using reams of print. Some of them still do. Think about it! Many times, people print mails with the second sheet containing just a line. Do you really need it? Can you do without it?

We realized the damage this causes to the environment at large with increased use of paper, toners, chemicals and other agents that go directly and indirectly into the production of these items for offices. To contribute to this reduction in environmental pollution is necessary. Hence, we cut back severely on printing. Given the nature of our work and the industry domain, this was more easily said than done; yet sustained efforts on our part has got us there.

We don’t print agenda material for all internal meetings including the meetings of Board of Directors, Committee Meetings etc. We restrict printing to strictly statutory purposes where signed copies of documents have to be filed with regulatory agencies or for legal matters where it is necessary.

And believe us, this makes commercial sense too!

We don’t print Agenda for Company Conferences

Taking our philosophy further, we stopped printing the programme material for our annual event, Magneta, an event which is attended by the leaders of the Private Equity industry. The entire programme material was made available on a landing page and all the delegate had to do was to scan a code displayed on his table and the programme material and notes was available to him as a download. To put this into perspective,our programme material and notes was around 14 sheets to a single delegate. By using the QR code method, we avoided printing around 800 sheets of paper (assuming two sides printing on a sheet). Isn’t this cool?

Work out the cost of printing 800 sheets of paper in single colour or four colour and most of which has just single use!

Paper Bags

Usage of paper bags made out of old newspaper

We had a galaxy of the finest speakers at out annual event and each of the dignitaries was given a small memento as a gesture of our appreciation. Again, we opted to pack this in simple paper bags made out of old newspaper by senior citizens, rather than use the conventional plastic bags. This was appreciated by all the participants.

Clay Water Pots