Environment, Social and Governance are serious business at Basiz. We care about these and take all steps to allocate financial and non-financial resources to these domains.


We care for our business and our environment. Sustainability and love for the environment is a part of the work ethic at Basiz. Go Green was our motto right at the outset.

And no, we do not do lip service. At Basiz, the green initiative is about making even the impossible, possible.

Paper Printing Free Office

We have an almost paper printing free office. We restrict printing to strictly statutory purposes where physically signed copies of documents have to be filed with regulatory agencies or for unavoidable legal matters.

We started this way back in 2007 when corporates had a standard practice of using reams of print. Some of them still do. Think about it! Many times, people print mails with the second sheet containing just a line. Do you really need it? Can you do without it?

We realized the damage this causes to the environment at large with increased use of paper, toners, chemicals and other agents that go directly and indirectly into the production of these items for offices. To contribute to this reduction in environmental pollution is necessary. Hence, we cut back severely on printing. Given the nature of our work and the industry domain, this was more easily said than done; yet sustained efforts on our part has got us there.

Electronic Agenda for Company Meetings and Conferences

We don’t print agenda material for all internal meetings including the meetings of Board of Directors, Committee Meetings etc.

Taking our philosophy further, we stopped printing the programme material for our annual event, Magneta, an event which is attended by the leaders of the Private Equity industry. The entire programme material was made available on a landing page and all the delegate had to do was to scan a code displayed on his table. Following this, the programme material and notes was available to him as a download. To put this into perspective, our programme material and notes was around 14 sheets to a single delegate. By using the QR code method, we avoided printing around 800 sheets of paper (assuming two sides printing on a sheet). Isn’t this cool?

Work out the cost of printing 800 sheets of paper in single colour or four colour and most of which has just single use!

Paper Bags

We had a galaxy of the finest speakers at our annual event and each of the dignitaries was given a small memento as a gesture of our appreciation. Again, we opted to pack this in simple paper bags made out of old newspaper by senior citizens, rather than use the conventional plastic bags.

Clay Water Pots

Earth Day Programme

Keeping in mind the importance of the subject, Basiz shared this striking music by an upcoming artist commemorating Earth Day; the page has since been viewed in excess of 22000 times.

Tree Planting

We planted trees in some of the countries we operate as part of our long-term commitment to improving the quality of air around us. In the coming years we plan to take part in mass afforestation programs in India


Over the years, Basiz & Sujata and Sesh Foundation, an initiative of the owner family of Basiz, have focussed time on responsibilities towards society. In future, in line with our charter, we shall continue to participate with financial and non-financial resources. Here is a sample of the projects that we have been involved in either by means of financial contribution and/or by means of providing manpower support.

PM Care Fund

As the nation grapples with the impact of CoVid19, Basiz salutes the spirit of service to the nation by the doctors, paramedical staff, security services, municipal corporation staff and all others who have formed the front line of defence against this virus.

Led ably by our respected Prime Minister and his colleagues, they have been able to contain this catastrophe to a great extent. A lot still needs to be done and Basiz stands with the country in this moment of crisis. Responding to the call of our PMO India, Basiz and its associate organisations, have decided to participate in the PM Cares Fund. This is in addition to individual contributions made by the Basiz Team to the Fund.

Books to Vatsalya Trust

Continuing this spirit of service to our less fortunate brethren, we recently assisted the Vatsalya Trust by helping them with a complete brand-new set of children's book Amar Chitra Katha, for their library and reading room.

Vatsalya Trust, an ISO and gold standard organisation, renders outstanding service in various fields. The main objective of the Trust is to care, help and empower the destitute and deprived so that they live a life of dignity and self-respect. The Trust has been providing yeoman services, among others, in the fields of pediatric and geriatric care for over 35 years irrespective of caste, creed, religion, gender and age of the care recipient.

We have also identified further areas where we would be working with Vatsalya Trust.

Civic Hygiene : An anti spitting campaign : Rastyavar Thuku Naka :

"Cleanliness is next to Godliness".
"Spitting causes the spread of infections."
We learnt all this in school. Why did we forget it as we grew older?
Keep the city clean.
Read More here: https://bit.ly/39teFvi

Note: Image for Representative Purpose Only

Rainwater harvesting projects in rural Maharashtra

Food packets for poor cancer patients

Cancer Seva Program

This was for pavement dweller patients of KEM Hospital, Mumbai, India, based on the internationally acclaimed Ceiling on Desires Programme of Sathya Sai International Organisation.

We sponsored food packets for the benefit of poor cancer patients living on pavements near Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India

Vocational education facilitation for poor youth from rural areas
Provided assistance to poor village youth to get vocationally trained in renowned institutions

Motivational program for urban poor youth.
Gave motivating lectures and counselling to the urban poor youth

Provision of water tubs for cattle in Parbhani

Helped create animal water pond in Parbhani district, Maharashtra, India during summer

Association with Children Home in Mumbai, India

We were fortunate to contribute by way of computers for the children's home. It was amazing to see the home pretty clean. The children were taught Namaste, Good Morning and are being taught informally. Due to intense social media negative scrutiny, the good work is not being propagated. The home needs many more things including simple things like Phenyl every month. Our computers are helping the office staff. The government has done its best in the last few years to today.

To protect the privacy of the body, we refrain from mentioning the name of this very august organisation which has been serving people since 1939. Some of the stalwarts of the Indian freedom struggle and great luminaries have also visited this Institution.

Support to the activities dear to Sri Sathya Sai Seva

The Sathya Sai Network is a voluntary organisation based in 126 countries. Apart from devotional and spiritual activities, the organisation and its members also volunteer in regular service activities such as giving food to the needy, organizing medical camps and medical services, and other forms of civic volunteerism.

We feel blessed to have provided for

  • Medical Vans for mobile medical services
  • Narayan Seva as food for the needy
  • Grocery & Provision during COVID 19 efforts
  • Seva in medical vans through efforts
  • Contribution to cardiac pediatric hospital in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
  • Assisting the Chaitanyam Institute with funding of physiotherapy equipment
  • A car to Chaitanyam Institute for ferrying cancer patients

CA. Aditya Sesh, Founder and Managing Director, Basiz, inaugurating the Physiotherapy centre in Chaitanyam Institute of Human Excellence in Healthcare

Helping Hands

The recent pandemic has hit various sections of our society hard. Many daily wagers have lost their means of livelihood and in some cases, they have reached a situation where it has become impossible for them to prepare the next meal. We have been using the services of drivers and other categories of the workforce across our offices in India. Some of these people are among those who have no assignments/ work and as a consequence, they have no income. All of them have families to support. This is a very vulnerable section of our population. Keeping their survival issues in mind, Basiz and Sujata & Sesh Foundation have sent across the monthly requirements of groceries and home provisions for the past three months to this set of drivers/ others. And we will continue doing this till such time as they are able to get back to their feet.


This is something we never compromise on.

We are an ethical organisation, high on integrity and an equal opportunity employer.

We have people of three different nationalities and belonging to various geographies in our team.

50% of our staff are women.

We have an independent board with external directors, comply with internal and statutory audit requirements, have committees in place in conformity with various statutes in terms of safety of women employees.

We do not employ minors/children.

Most importantly, all our commercial transactions are strictly through banking channels